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Cosmetic DIEP Flap Breast Augmentation Patients

Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sean Boutros uses his skill and experience in reconstructive breast surgery to offer Cosmetic DIEP Flap Breast Augmentation for women seeking a natural alternative to breast implants. By using your own tissue and fat from the abdomen, Dr. Boutros provides body contouring and fuller, natural-looking breasts—all without the potential complications of breast implants. Dr. Boutros has performed more than 3,000 DIEP flap surgeries and his clinical studies include the largest study series to report zero cases of flap failure at the time of publication.1

Testimonials From Patients of Dr. Boutros

If you are considering plastic surgery, it can be valuable to hear first-hand from people who have undergone similar procedures. We believe that each patient is unique, but learning about the experiences of other patients can inform your decision.


Colleen: All Me Augmentation (Cosmetic DIEP Flap Breast Augmentation)

In this interview, Colleen, an All Me Augmentation (cosmetic DIEP flap breast augmentation) patient of Dr. Boutros, shares her story.

How did you find Dr. Boutros?

I had breast augmentation in 1992 at age 26 and experienced problems from almost the beginning. My body seemed to reject the implants and I began having severe capsular contracture which different doctors treated differently over the last couple of decades. One doctor used a manual method (using his hands to break or release the contracture) which caused severe scarring. Another doctor fixed the scarring by removing breast tissue in my left breast. After several surgeries and trying three different sets of implants, I was done with experimenting with ways to stop the pain. There were not many options for someone in my situation wanting to remove the implants, but having minimal breast tissue of my own. I knew I could not continue with the implants but did not want to have less breast tissue and more asymmetry than when I started after the removal by the prior surgeon.

Colleen, Cosmetic DIEP Breast Augmentation Patient

What was it about Dr. Boutros that helped you make the decision to trust him with your surgery?

My first consultation with Dr. Boutros was different from any other doctor’s appointment.  When he asked me to tell him about myself, I naturally went into describing the problems I was having with my implants and the pain I was experiencing.  Dr. Boutros calmly and politely said, “No, tell me about you. What do you do? What do you like to do?” It was at that point I felt my comfort with him. After answering several of my questions over a period of weeks, I was scheduled for my surgery. It was extremely helpful being able to have conversations with other patients from Dr. Boutros’ practice who have had the same surgery. The ability to talk to someone who actually went through the procedure really helped me make the decision to move forward with it.


Describe a milestone moment you’ve experienced after your surgery.

It was about three to four months after my surgery when I started gaining sensation in my own soft, natural-feeling breasts. It was like the nerves started to awake after almost 30 years of being asleep! I was brought to tears by the feeling of normalcy after years of experiencing pain in my hard breasts. Today I am comfortable once again in my own skin, with my own breasts made from my own tissue!



Cathy: Breast Reconstruction with DIEP Flap

In this interview, Cathy, a reconstructive patient of Dr. Boutros, shares her story.

How did you find Dr. Boutros?

I asked the surgical ICU nurses at the nearby hospital who they would have operate on them for breast reconstruction and they all said “hands down, Dr. Boutros—he has the best results.” He was also listed on a referral sheet that I received from the breast surgeon that I was sent to by my gynecologist.

Tell us about your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and the effects that made you consider breast reconstruction.

I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in September of 2016 and underwent chemotherapy and radiation. Initially I thought that I would be able to undergo bilateral lumpectomies due to my tumors being in the upper, outer portion of both breasts. After talking with other women who had been through breast cancer and had either lumpectomies or unilateral mastectomy and had endured recurrence of breast cancer, I made the decision to do a bilateral mastectomy. I thought my only option would be implants until meeting with Dr. Boutros. I had met with 2 other Houston plastic surgeons prior to him and had been told that I would not have enough of my own tissue to reconstruct both breasts and that they would have to do an implant-based reconstruction. Dr. Boutros was confident that he would be able to use my own tissue to reconstruct my breasts if that is what I wanted.

Cathy's patient story

What was it about Dr. Boutros that helped you make the decision to trust him with your reconstruction?

Dr. Boutros spent a significant amount of time with me and my husband. He answered all our questions and explained all of the options that I would have in regard to breast reconstruction. The fact that he had been recommended by the nurses who routinely take care of the breast reconstruction patients from multiple plastic surgeons at that hospital spoke volumes to us. He also explained the process in detail to us regarding how he does the surgery differently to allow for one overnight stay versus 4 to 5 nights in the hospital. He outlined different treatment plans based on the breast size I wanted. He gave us his cell phone number and let us know that we could use it as needed for questions or concerns. Since I am a nurse practitioner he showed me some of his published breast reconstruction studies; normally physicians that aren’t in the academic world don’t publish articles, but he cares enough about improving breast cancer options for patients that he feels it is important to track and share results. All these things in addition to his confidence and experience with this procedure made the decision an easy one to go with him as my plastic surgeon.

Describe a milestone recovery moment where you felt a return to “normalcy” after your cancer treatment and reconstruction. How did breast reconstruction contribute to your healing?

I’m not sure that there is a true milestone moment back to “normalcy”. You adapt to a “new normal” as breast cancer takes an emotional, mental, and physical toll on the patient and their loved ones. Breast reconstruction gave me the confidence to adapt to this “new normal” and move on with my life. I love my new breasts even more than my original breasts because they are higher and perkier than before! I feel beyond blessed that I found Dr. Boutros during my breast cancer journey.

Get Natural Breast Augmentation in Houston

If you would like fuller breasts but you are concerned with potential complications such as
Breast Implant Illness or Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), Cosmetic DIEP Flap Breast Augmentation is a natural alternative that may be right for you. Dr. Boutros also specializes in helping women who previously had traditional augmentation and now suffer with capsular contracture from breast implants. Contact us to learn how we can reshape you with you.

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